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Gratitude Reward Promotion

FALL 2021

Beginning September 1, 2021

Earn your rewards by leaving us 5-star reviews on Google for Crystal Haven and Yoga Haven during the months of September, October, and November. 


How to Enter:

Leave us 5-star Google Reviews on Crystal Haven and Yoga Haven until November 30th. You will receive 125 loyalty points for each site (Yoga Haven and Crystal Haven) you leave a review, totaling 250 points ($10) to spend in-store at Crystal Haven!


*Only for customers who have not left a review in the last 12 months.

*Must be enrolled in our Crystal Haven loyalty program to receive reward.

*Must have attended an In-Studio class at Yoga Haven to earn reward for Yoga Haven Review


If you have a unique Google Name, please send us an email privately with your name and loyalty number so we can reward you.




311 E County Line Rd Unit A-3

Littleton, Colorado





Monday-Saturday 11 am - 6 pm

Sunday 11:30am - 5pm


New Year's Day

Easter Day

Independence Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

We are always updating our collection! Stop by today and check us out!

All sales are final. No exchanges or refunds.

At Crystal Haven, we are here to serve your greatest good. Upgrade your energy and honor your body, mind, and spirit with blessings from Mother Earth. We carry a variety of stock to include some of the following:

  • Healing Crystals

  • Crystal Geodes

  • Crystal Tables

  • Crystal Angel Wings

  • Crystal Pyramids and Spheres

  • Healing Mala and Bracelets

  • Chakra Balancing Crystal Sets

  • Sacred Geometry Set

  • Reiki Healing Sets

  • Crystal Healing Wands

  • Healing Crystal and Salt Lamps

  • Rings and Jewelry

  • Sage and Palo Santo for Space Clearing

  • Handcrafted Angel and Blessing Soy Candles

  • Chakra Candles

  • Crystal Fortune Portal Sets For Your Home or Business

  • Spirit Animals

  • Oracle Cards

  • Crystal Healing and Jewelry Making Workshops

  • And so much more!!!

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