We have resumed normal Business hours.
Tuesday- Friday 11 am - 6 pm
Saturday and Sunday 12 pm- 5 pm
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At Crystal Haven, we are here to serve your greatest good. Upgrade your energy and honor your body, mind, and spirit with blessings from Mother Earth. We carry a variety of stock to include some of the following:

* Healing Crystals

*Crystal Geodes

*Crystal Tables

*Crystal Angel Wings

*Crystal Pyramids and Spheres

* Healing Mala and Bracelets

*Chakra Balancing Crystal Sets

*Sacred Geometry Set

*Reiki Healing Sets

*Crystal Healing Wands

*Healing Crystal and Salt Lamps

* Rings and Jewelry

* Sage and Palo Santo for Space Clearing

*Handcrafted Angel and Blessing Soy Candles

*Chakra Candles

*Crystal Fortune Portal Sets For Your Home or Business

*Spirit Animals

* Oracle Cards

*Crystal Healing and Jewelry Making Workshops

* And so much more!!!

We are constantly receiving new stock! Stop by today and check us out!