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Celestite, Prehnite, & Tanzanite

Angelic communication, Serenity, Access to higher dimensions, Facilitates communication to angelic guides, guardian angels and other spiritual allies.  Expands awareness, Promotes visionary experiences and Inner as well as Outer harmony

Chakras: Third Eye, Crown, Transpersonal, Etheric

Elements: Air

Enhance spiritual connection.  Support thyroid, adrenals.  Connect brain and heart.  Encourage compassion & joy.  Calm the mind.  Uncover wisdom of the heart.

Promotes inner peace. Helps unify the will with the heart so that actions come from a place of love rather than ego.  Aids in communicating with nonphysical beings.  Facilitates renewal, hope and peace of mind.
Chakras: Solar Plexus, Heart
Elements: Earth, Water

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