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Shungite is around 2 billion years old and is a powerful, ancient, metaphysical healing stone. Shungite is a very powerful protection stone that protects against EMF waves, as well as provides psychic protection. Shungite got its name from Shunga village in Russia where the first deposits of this stone were found. It is formed by a cluster mixture of carbon, silicon dioxide, and also pyrite, iron oxide, and aluminum oxide particles. It possesses antibacterial properties, and can be used for water purification. When water is treated with shungite, the antioxidants in this mineraloid eliminate free radicals and other impurities in the water. Using this stone (wearing it or carrying it with you) offers a good grounding and its associated benefits. This means, it neutralizes the excess charge from your body by draining it into the ground. It also protects against radiations from television, cell phones, computers, microwaves, and the like.

Healing Powers:

Cleanse, Purify, Detox, Infusion of healing light to physical emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Activates the inner truth and life calling. Protect, ground, and Center. Remove fear, guilt, shame, or negativity.

Health Effects:

  • It provides protection against electrosmog.

  • With the use of shungite, the effects of dirty electricity and geopathic stress can be reduced.

  • It induces recovery and speeds up the process of healing.

  • It absorbs negative energies and offers protection from anything negative or harmful to an individual.

  • It brings about spiritual growth.

  • It can help achieve a positive transformation and aid in attaining a higher state of consciousness.

  • Wearing shungite bands in painful areas is said to help alleviate pain.

  • It could be used to fight the fatigue experienced during long journeys.

Different Shapes and Uses:

  • Cubes: Helps with grounding in a construction that's not well-grounded.

  • Spheres: Good choice for meditation and placing in bedrooms to get a calming effect.

  • Pyramids: Used to counterbalance negative energies. They are known to give protection against geopathic stress, and are ideal for placement near all electronics, computers, and appliances that generate electromagnetic fields.

  • Pocket or Palm Size: Carry with you or wear to keep you balanced and grounded throughout the day.

We Offer:

  • Pocket Stones

  • Palm Stones

  • Rough Stone (purify water)

  • Bracelets

  • Necklaces

  • Rings and Jewlery

  • Coasters

  • Cubes (Space Grounding)

  • Pyramids

  • Yin and Yang Balancing Sets

  • Healing Wands

  • Angel Wing Plates

  • Home Decor

  • Buddha

  • Spirit Animals

  • And Much More!

Chakra: All

Elements:  Fire, Wind, Storm

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