To kick off our Mystic Membership subscription, June’s box will be a beautiful fortune portal set to bring in love and abundance to you

(intuitively picked gift will not be included in June’s box)

*Registration for June Box closed but may still be purchased at full retail price

**As an added bonus, for all those who sign up for our first month’s collection (any level, with a 6-month commitment), A video from Siuking will be emailed to you to show how to incorporate your fortune portal set into your space.


Tranquility Set.jpg


  • Fortune Portal Set (Rainbow Amethyst and Citrine Point

  • Aquamarine

  • Gemstone Tree 3"

  • Round Mirror 5"


Bliss Set.jpg


  • Tranquility Collection plus

  • Intuitively picked gemstone pyramid

(Pyramid shape amplifies the energy of the stone)

  • Mini selenite tower 2.5”

(Elevates the energy of your space)

  • Sage Bundle

(Cleanses and clears negative energy from your space)

  • Palo Santo

(Also known as Holy Wood, purifies and adds positive energy to your space)


Enchantment Set.jpg


  • Tranquility and Bliss Collection plus

  • Intuitively picked handcrafted soy candle (burn time 35-38 hours)